Friday, July 19, 2013

Bobby V talks to "The Crew Scene" about new EP, Peach Moon

From breaking out into a solo career back in 2005 with his hit single, “Slow Down”, Bobby V became a household name in R&B.  After releasing Dusk Till Dawn last October, Bobby felt like something was missing. In between touring and working on his new EP, Peach Moon, Bobby V made time to dish on details about the recording process, learning to play the piano, and what the “Back to Love” movement is really all about.

Read excerpts of our interview below and listen to it in full.

On using more live instrumentation on his upcoming EP… 

Bobby V: I’ve always had live instruments on my album. It was more or less keys and guitars but that’s it. But now I’m pushing the envelope even farther by having live drums, live horns, live violin, and we’re just really developing a groove for Peach Moon.

On a release date…

BV: We haven’t set one as of yet. I been working on this project since January and it’s so tough because…this kind of music right here is a totally different transition, subject matter, production wise. Because I put so much time, so many blood, sweat, and tears to it, I just don’t want to throw it out there and it get lost in the sauce. I want people to appreciate this music because I put so much into it.

GP: Since we last spoke on my radio show, has the love bug hit you yet?

BV: I get bit by the love bug all the time. You know there’s so many beautiful young ladies in the world and I get bit, I just got to find the right catch.

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